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Based on the observation of shady and malicious activities conducted on ATMs, this has prompted the need to introduce a monitoring tool that ensures proper monitoring of transactions done on the ATM as well as other ATM activities.

TWIG MONIT is a revolutionary solution that allows an organization to monitor activities performed on the ATM. It is flexible, it supports all brands of ATMs and can be customized to the organization's individual requirements.

This application has some fascinating features:

  • Journal and Footage Archiving: Downloads and archives journals and footages on ATMs for future referencing
  • Intelligent Camera: it’s a smart camera application that blocks malicious customers from performing transactions on the ATM.
  • Anti-Skimming Device monitoring: This module checks the status of anti-skimming device on the ATM and subsequently allows or prevents the customer from performing a transaction based on the status received.
  • Incident Management: Monitors certain behaviours on the ATM like cash low, cash out, card reader status , journal printer status, etc. and subsequently send an escalation message to the ATM custodian responsible.

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